Influential Black Empress of Malvern Town

Sister Lurline Brown, Model Community Vintage

Preface to Poem

My relationship with Sr. Brown spans half a century – beginning with my student days at Bethlehem Moravian College (Formerly Bethlehem [Moravian] Training College for Women). I wish I had spoken to her in detail of my love, admiration for, and appreciation of her.  But I knew if I had, she would have just remarked with a smile, “That so? Thank you, Sr. Peart.”

However, I am learning more and more to tell people the lovely thoughts I have about them while they can hear.

My condolences and those of Justin “Junior” and Gail and their families go to the bereaved family.  I can assure you that Sr. Brown is waiting for you to receive your crown along with her.

African Strong Woman by Oloyede Fareedah

“SHE” | Strength of Women | Inspirational Poem