My Story

I am a retired senior, who freely shares my life’s experiences with the world, as a motivational tool. My core values, empathy, and professional training have successfully informed my lengthy distinguished career. Consequently, I am able to use my distinctive skills to contribute a great deal to life coaching, formal speaking, and specialized writing styles.  


A gifted Jamaican retired teacher, I am Lucinda Peart, penname, “Lucindagrace”; social and matriarchal family name, “Auntie Luc”.

I am twice retired – as Principal of Bethlehem Moravian College; and Associate Professor of Northern Caribbean University. A graduate of Bethlehem Moravian Training College for Women and the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica, I earned a master’s degree in English.

Here are a few of my professional accomplishments:

Here are a few of my professional accomplishments:

  • The first graduate of Bethlehem Moravian Training College for Women to achieve its highest rank of principal just three (3) years before my retirement from the government service. I was Vice-Principal seven (7) years prior.
  • A dominant co-leader in the transformation process of Bethlehem Moravian Teachers College to Bethlehem Moravian College – A Multi-disciplinary Institution
  • A Fulbright Scholar
  • A versatile, empathetic teacher across all the levels of the Jamaican education system for sixty-two (62) years. I began formal teaching at age fourteen (14), as a government-paid Pupil Teacher.
MRS P Closeup

In retirement, my well-honed leadership skills are being utilized in the Jamaica Government Pensioners Association (JGPA), Manchester Chapter; Bethlehem Moravian College Alumni Association (BEMCAA); and the Widows and Widowers (WAWS) Fellowship of New Beulah Moravian Church.

I edit books and church school teaching materials, write, and collate my years of published and unpublished works for publication. I am applauded for my production of eulogies, formal speeches, citations, tributes liturgies, sermons, and hymns. Numerous awards from professional, Church and social organizations adorn my home. The most outstanding ones are the Prime Minister’s and the Governor General’s Awards for Excellence in Professionalism, and Long and Distinguished Service to the Nation.

My personally created philosophy of life is, “We live in this world for the sole purpose of helping others; and when we do so, we become the greatest beneficiaries.”

The core values, “enfleshed” from family nurturing and my Christian faith, are an undying belief in the all-encompassing power of the family to make the world a better place through love, respect, compassion, and cooperation.

Consequently, my values-based career emphasized helping students and coworkers to develop qualities of self-affirmation, positivity, self-respect, honesty, and reliability. As a team-spirited administrator, I helped my institutions produce students with strong passion for loyalty to alma mater and workplace; and efficiency, dependability, and commitment as key work ethics.

The value of optimism still drives me, on the verge of new old age, to be creating a website that will motivate the world towards excellence in citizenship and righteous nation building; superior standards in speaking skills; and model writing.

As a community-oriented person, I actualize the maxim that head and heart coalesce to make the whole person; without this synergy, people develop into “hollow men”.

(“The Hollow Men” Poem by T. S. Eliot).

I enjoy communicating with my grandchildren, and reveling in my hobbies, namely, flower gardening; pastry making, especially wedding cakes; needlework; delving into online activities; singing hymns; and listening to eclectic music.

I have succeeded my husband as the Chair of the Karen Peart Foundation (KPF) established 1994 in memory of our daughter Over the years, the Foundation has awarded over eighty (80) annual educational scholarships to Moravian young people at the secondary and tertiary levels. Several graduates are voluntarily giving back to community, a few serve as Foundation Board members. (https://www.karenpeartfoundation.com)